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Bassist Trentin Lee Manning
Trentin Lee Manning

Stacy Hobbs
Stacy Hobbs 

TAILWIND: Seventies group with Eric Loy and Tim Shoemaker of Hipperoos

Neil Jacobs
Neil Jacobs Serving the world's harp guitar community, preserving over two centuries of history, taking the instrument into the future and beyond!

Canal Street Tavern, Dayton Ohio

Taffys of Eaton, Ohio

Adams & Agee

Jim Volk

"What kind of guitars are these?" Eric Loy and Jim Volk Rock out at a house party.

Mark Snider & Mark Humbert

Eric Loy with Mark Snider and Mark Humbert
Charlie's in Richmond Indiana, Jan, 2002


Michael Kelsey


Brian Henke


Bill Dutcher


Patrick Woods