Eric Loy / Hipperoos Music Order Form
Print this form out and mail it with your payment to the address indicated at the bottom. Or, if you would like to order online with your credit card, visit the online store.

To order, enter the quantity of the corresponding box for either CD or Cassette Tape for each Eric Loy or Hipperoos recording you wish to order.  Each CD price is $10, each tape is $10.  Shipping and handling is included in the cost!


Price DVD CD Tape
Eric Loy/Hipperoos - 4 Live Shows (2 DVDs) $20      
Guitar Antics (DVD) $15      
Wackazoid (pre order) $10      
Beyond the Grave $10      
Catapult $10      
Free Hand $10      
Counterpoint Guitar Solos $10      
Eric Loy: Live $10      
Do You Hear? $10      
Hipperoos:  Cornered $10      
Hipperoos: Extemporaneous Hipperoos: Live $10      
Hipperoos: Too Busy $10      



Total Cost 


Please fill in the blanks so we know where to send your recordings!



City: _______________________ State: ______ Zip: ________

E-mail address: ______________________________________


Send this form with your payment in cash, check or money order to

 Eric Loy
 P.O. Box 693
 Lewisburg, OH 45338