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Short Takes: Review of Trajectories
Review By Fred Kraus
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Wackazoid'Eric Loy "Trajectories," 2009 The back cover of Eric Loy’s "Trajectories" reveals the guitarist/composer displaying four wildly disparate guitars in a somewhat precarious balance. That photographic image functions as a metaphor for the ten original instrumental tracks discovered within this enjoyable collection. Loy moves with ease from his Kaiser harp guitar to his Taylor acoustic, from his Gibson RD Artist to his collection of classical string boxes. Loy’s passion is creating songs that extend musical boundaries, songs that explore rhythmic and percussive relationships, often in unconventional realms. As is often the case with these solo maniacal fretboard wizards, one wonders how two hands and 10 fingers produce so much sound -- so Loy happily includes two videos highlighting his technique as well as his beatific smile. Though most of his tracks are solo and thoughtful, Loy enlists a drummer and a bassist on the energetic "Depth Charge" and "Gridiron," rocking out to great effect. © Fred Kraus