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Minor 7th: Review of Wackazoid
Review By Patrick Ragains
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WackazoidOhioan Eric Loy plays a variety of steel- and nylon string guitars, electric and harp guitar on this CD, his sixth as a solo artist. Loy composed all of the music on the disc, including two performed with the Hipperoos, his power trio. He generates plenty of excitement with two-handed tapping, furious tempos and diverse influences such as trippy, Grateful Dead-inspired modalism (Zoo Rendezvous), mainstream jazz (Third Stream) and Van Halen (Catharsis). Journalist Elizabeth Wu likened the effect of Loy's music to "having a triple espresso stirred with heaping spoonfuls of sugar." I agree - it's that energetic and intense. The CD includes performance videos of Counterpunch and Catharsis, the latter performed with the Hipperoos. The videos are a plus, since they convey Loy's appeal better than audio alone. This CD should sell well at Loy's gigs and increase awareness of this manic avatar of the guitar.