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Always Busy Eric Loy to play Guitarfest
Guitarist has a new CD out
By Fred Kraus
Dayton Daily News
Published 1 September, 2001
    On one can accuse Lewisburg's ace guitarist Eric Loy of having idle hands. 
    The ever busy teacher/guitarist/composer has a new CD out, plays regularly at a couple of area restraunts -  Anticoli's and Nanci's Porches - and is slated to perform at the 21st annual Guitarfest next Sunday at Stubbs Park Amphitheater in Centerville.
    The CD, Free Hand, represents a comprehensive look at Loy's instrumental wizardry.  "It's quite a bit different from the music I perform at say, Nanci's Porches," said Loy.  "This is more in your face.  I describe it as funky, bombastic new age."
    On gets somewhat of a sense of Loy's pleasantly skewed view of life from some of the song titles: Preposterous Rhinoceros, Spy Jive, Guacamole Glove Box, Pancake Panache, Lifters and Leaners.
    "I guess my style is more Michael Hedges than Chet Atkins," Loy said, with most of the tracks featuring acoustic guitar augmented by Loy's variety of taps, thumps, ad rhythmic beating on the guitar body.
    He does include one number that features electric guitar and is, in fact, very Chet Atkins-like, Childs Room.  At there is an added treat for those familiar with Loy's work with the Hipperoos, a power rock trio: two Hipperoos tracks - Mere Men and The Perry Mason Theme.
    Overall, it's king of a new bag, said Loy.  "It's just when you're into something new, you just want to write and play and record and document it." he said.
    Loy said Preposterous Rhinoceros was inspired by a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo.  "The rhinoceros were so lumpy and bumpy, so I wanted to write something that sounded like they looked.  The rhythm of the song is like if you put peanut butter into the gas tank of a Ford Pinto," said Loy.
    Loy, who just performed last week at Guitarfest in Columbus, calls Dayton's Guitarfest one of his favorite days of the year.  "Since I first played there, I guess 17 or 18 years ago, I haven't missed one," he said.  "It's a great day of music, for both the performers and the audience.
    Organized by Dayton's Mr. Guitar himself, Jim McCutcheon, and the Dayton Classical Guitar Society, the event will be 5-8 p.m. at Stubbs Park  Amphitheater on West Spring Valley Road (two blocks west of Ohio 48)  Admission is free and lawn chairs and blankets are suggested.
    Performers include:  Jim McCutcheon, David Ferrara, Time Berens, Tom Downs, Richard and Matt Rose, Jim Volk, Bob Mercer and Evan Brass, Jerry Gillespie and the Dayton Classical Guitar Trio.
    Loy is also performing Sept. 15 at the Farmer's Market at the Cannery in downtown Dayton and is the opening act for Michael Kelsey at Canal Street on Sept. 14.
    For more information about Eric Loy, or how to obtain a CD, Check out his website at

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