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JULY 2, 2003
-Review by Henk te Veldhuis
July 2, 2003 | view original review

Eric Loy just released Catapult his first solo acoustic album, but has some electric pieces on the last tracks. Eric plays Harp guitar, banjo, electric guitar, piano and harmonica. The  music of Eric Loy has funky flavors and  Spanish influences, it is expressive, percussive and has many rock elements. " Gangplank"is the opening track, where Eric plays very percussive and fast. "Torn Tether" is one of the honorable compositions of Eric, it has a nice melody line and is nice rhythmic and melancholic. Cross Culture" has many bendings and is very percussive in an altered tuning." Sincerity Summons" is played on a very special designed guitar combined with harp. "Boomerang" is an electric guitar composition, played in many various scales. Eric Loy made with "Catapult" an album with many faces, from rock to very percussive and experimental music.

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Henk te Veldhuis